Journey to Men is devoted to raising boys to become men of integrity, honor, responsibility and resourcefulness. Boys need help in their journey apart from screens and technology experiencing real life by doing, experimenting and sometimes even failing. We’re not perfect, we don’t have all the answers, and we’re working on the car while it’s moving, but come along with us on this journey raising boys into men.


I’ve never made a mistake. I’ve only learned from experience.Thomas A. Edison
I have two terrific boys. They embrace their boyhood, the engage in trampoline boxing, nerf wars and of course video games. But there is a problem. These fun loving boys (ages 11 and 13) lack resourcefulness a trait that I think is critical to growing contributing members of our society.  Their expectation is that somebody will ultimately post a video or be there to guide them, or even enroll them in a class.  They realized and expect that society will cater to them as they are “special.”  To combat that sentiment I am creating 45 missions for the summer that I hope will inspire creativity, responsibility and ultimately resourcefulness.  Come along with us and join up!


Operation Manhood – 45 Days to Resourcefulness

sawing_a_boardOperation Manhood is 45 days of focused “Missions” that I hope fosters the creativity and resourcefulness I know lives inside my boys. This site is going to document that journey. Each mission will include a detailed brief for the boys, recommend the equipment needed, the number of man points they can earn and any other information that will help them successfully complete their mission. Go check out our first mission: Operation Timbuktu to get an idea of what I’m talking about.   But what it won’t do is spell out exactly how they can reach their goal. Our job as CO’s (Commanding Officers aka Parental Units) is to come in only when their mission may end in catastrophe.

Types of Missions

We have a whole host of missions planned for the summer some of which will involve unleashing their inner man but many that will focus more on contributing around the house and in their community. Build a birdhouse (Operation Condor), do laundry (Operation Stinkweed), dig a foxhole (Operation Foxhole), bike maintenance (Operation Broken Spoke), and the ultimate ending mission the A-Team challenge. Finally we will celebrate their accomplishments at the Celebration of Man!

Join With Us!

If you are interested in joining with us on this journey sign up below. There’s no charge, but we would love to hear your stories along the way this summer, to hear what worked, what didn’t work and your funny stories. What you’ll get: you’ll receive a link to each mission the day before, or sooner if it’s a larger scale mission. The missions will be in a printable PDF format that you can hand to your boy on the day of his mission. We’ll also be posting the mission here with more notes to the parents. As we go along we provide feedback on the mission either on the mission page or on Facebook. We hope you’ll comment and share yours as well.

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