paul_mauiHi I’m Paul.  I’m a husband, dad, technologist, builder, hobbyist, tinkerer and lover of hockey.  This site is a labor of love as I endeavor to guide my boys into manhood creating resourceful contributing members of society.  I came up with the idea of Journey to Men one day on my way home from my day job as I was listening to a radio show about a man who found out during a routine physical exam that he had 6 months to live.  It really gave me pause and caused me to think what I would want to do in those last 6 months and what would I want to impart to my boys before I left this earth.  To be honest I started to panic a bit that I hadn’t really been passing on life skills that I think they need for the future. Then a light went on, I’d create a set of daily missions for the summer that were fun, that they could complete on their own and would foster their resourcefulness. These missions will also embrace their boy/manhood because I think it’s important that they feel like they can be boys.

Honestly this is a great way to keep my self accountable to following through on these big ideas.  It has been suggested to me at times I can be a bit like Clark Griswold setting expectations that no family or event can live up to.  I intend to prove them wrong!  Above all else this should be a fun experiment with my boys, wife and my baby girl, who doesn’t get to participate directly in these missions, although changing a poopy diaper could certainly be on the docket for the boys.  If this sounds like something you’re interested in join us below or you can always send me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

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