Operation Rise and Shine: Cook Breakfast for Your Family

boy cooking breakfastCooking breakfast is a great activity for your kids and due to the simplicity of the meal can be tackled by a variety of ages. This mission requires a little more guidance from the commanding officer to make sure they are being safe and have permission to use various kitchen tools.

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Operation Rise and Shine: Cook Breakfast for Your Family

Preparing a meal for yourself and others is a vital skill for living. Breakfast is a great place to start as you can choose various foods and recipes as your skills develop.

Ingredients for your meal such as eggs, bread, cereal, juice, pans and cooking implements, a kitchen.

As you prepare for your impending tactical breakfast engagement you need to get your plan ready. Good communication with your C.O. on the proper use of your kitchen equipment is critical to avoid a call to your medics. Stoves, toasters, microwaves, blenders, coffee makers all can cause physical damage directly or indirectly when your C.O. finds out you destroyed their Mr. Coffee. Get a good orientation with the things you need to use and make sure you are approved for their use before you begin. Otherwise you might need to alter your breakfast plans. There’s nothing wrong with Shredded Wheats and Orange Juice. It is important with this mission that you ask for permission and a little help to ensure your own safety and for that of your squad.

  1. Plan Your Breakfast Menu
    Your first order of business is figuring out what you are going to make for breakfast thinking about what your guests might want to have and what ingredients you have available. Also think about how much of each item you’ll need. Some general guidelines you can use for an adult they will typically eat the following (not all at once):

    • 2 eggs, maybe 3 if they are scrambled.
    • 3 pieces of bacon (I prefer 5, but 3 is fine)
    • 2 pieces of toast
    • 3 pancakes (normal size)
    • 2 pieces of french toast
    • 1 bowl of cereal or oatmeal
    • 2 cups of coffee (plan on a refill for their original cup)
  2. Make a Menu
    You need to inform your diners what they’ll be eating, prepare a nice menu for them to know what they are getting. Make it easy on yourself and don’t give them a ton of options, maybe plan your main meal and they can choose what they want to drink.
  3. Write your shopping list
    Now you’ll need to make sure you have all the ingredients for your breakfast and this might mean a trip to the store. Make sure you’ve looked for everything to see that you have it on hand. Make a complete list of all the things you need at the store.
  4. Prepare your work area
    Make sure your cooking area is clean and you have all the things you need at hand. It’s best to do this before you get going as breakfast can go fast getting it ready. Clean off the counters and where you are going to eat. Put out plates, knives, spoons, forks, glasses. Set the table so everything is going to be ready to roll when your food is done. This might be a good time to employ your more junior members of your squad to get your table ready.
  5. Cook Breakfast
    You are largely on your own for figuring this out. Above all else be safe and if you are concerned about anything ask for your C.O.’s guidance. If you are making something like pancakes and eggs you’ll often have to prepare the pancakes in batches. Putting the oven on low (say 175 degrees) and putting the pancakes on an oven safe plate in there as you go will keep those pancakes nice and hot. This works for french toast too.

    Think real hard about the order of preparation. If you are making coffee, do that first, then if you have to do any form of prep work before the actual cooking also take care of that. Examples would be pancakes: mix the batter first. Or if you are doing scrambled eggs, you can go ahead and whisk those up ahead of time. Your goal is to get the meal out nice and hot, or motto was “make a lot and make it hot.”

  6. Clean Up
    Your C.O. will be much more likely to allow your cooking exploits to go on if you do a really good job cleaning up after yourself. Everything back where it came from, dishes, pots and pans clean.

This can certainly be a team mission. If you have brother or sister squad mates in the house, get them to work with you on this one. Above all else be safe.