Operation Foxhole – Dig a Fighting Hole

Dig a one man foxholeDigging a hole is a classic boy activity that should be fully embraced. There will be no shortage of physical labor in this challenge, add the impending frontal assault and they’ll have good motivation dig a foxhole quickly.

I’m a broken record, but if you are going to participate in these missions, I have prepared a printable kid mission for each and every of the 45 days to Manhood, and feedback from my own kids and others is that they are “awesome!” So rather than print this post I highly recommend signing up for our list and you’ll get them automatically going forward each day as well as a link to the missions past.

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Operation Foxhole: Dig a Fighting Hole to Survive a Frontal Assault

Foxholes have been used in warfare for years as a means to protect soldiers from gunfire, artillery, tanks and the like. Your mission is to dig an entrenchment that will allow you to survive a frontal assault by your C.O. or other attacker.

Parents Only
My suggestion here is to set a deadline that the “attack” will occur. Your job is to provide the frontal assault to test their defenses. In my case I’m relatively sure I’ll be facing a barrage of Airsoft fire so I’ll be covering myself appropriately. I personally will be wielding my own Airsoft gun, but thought briefly about taking a trip to the nearby fireworks stand at the reservation to bring some additional artillery :-).

EQUIPMENT: Entrenching tool or shovel, defensive weaponry (optional), as always recommendations at our resource page.


  1. Review the different entrenchment options in this mission manual. You can build a prone trench, a shell hole position or a stand up foxhole (1 man or larger). A key goal of any entrenchment digging is to be able to use it at any time no matter how far into the digging you have progressed. The enemy isn’t going to wait until you’ve finished digging your hole before they attack.
  2. Find a suitable location for digging your hole, that’s not too near trees (you don’t want to try and dig through roots) that is protected from the back and will provide decent camouflage. Also be sure you have your CO’s permission on your digging location before you begin.
  3. Remove any turf or vegetation around your defensive position before digging the larger hole. You can ease your shovel under the vegetation and set it aside, it will keep the vegetation alive and will mask your digging efforts at the end when you place it on your fresh dirt around your foxhole.
  4. Trace out your hole on the ground using your shovel. Begin digging your hole, carefully placing your dirt you excavate from your hole around the perimeter of your marked location. This is going to take a significant physical effort to dig this fighting hole, but remember your life just might depend on it. If you are digging this with a buddy, take turns digging in the hold and spreading dirt around the perimeter. Your ultimate goal is that you foxhole would not be readily visible to casual observers.
  5. Prepare your defenses. It’s up to you what defenses you want to bring with you in your entrenchment, nerf guns, airsoft rifles, water balloons. You never know what’s going to come after you.
  6. Defend your position! You are going to come under attack, be sure to use the cover of your fighting hole to be safe and sound. Retreat is not an option!
  7. Dig a prone foxhole

  8. Take a picture and share it with others in the comments below
  9. Negotiate with your C.O. on the future of your fighting hole. If you are allowed to keep it in place it would be wise to cover it with a piece of plywood or other sturdy roof to keep innocents from falling into it. Otherwise return the hole to it’s previous state.

Your mission is to focus hard on the task at hand and work quickly and efficiently. Digging a hole is hard work and might serve you well in the future thinking about your career choices. Physical labor is not for everyone, but others feel alive working with their hands.

After Action Report

We’d love to hear your battle stories and how your kids survived their frontal assault on their foxhole. Pictures are even better!

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