Operation Good Neighbor: Help out a Neighbor in Need


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As part of the lessons both my wife and I are trying to teach our kids we’ve long focused on what can we do to help others. Frankly the Missus is much better at this than I am, on any given week you’ll see the boys tagging along with her to visit someone in poor health or a person who needs some assistance. One day we were driving back home and a biker was injured by the side of the road and we stopped to check on them. My son said later “I’m happy that we are the kind of people who would stop and make sure they are getting the help they need.” That’s powerful stuff both for you and them. This mission puts a little more focus on them initiating the help and if I do say so is one of the most important of the 45.

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Operation Good Neighbor: Help out a Neighbor in Need

This mission is simple but important. Being a good neighbor is not just a mission it should be a way of life. If your neighbors can’t count on those around them to help in a time of need, who can they count on? It’s known as the Golden Rule and is one of the most important things you can learn. It’s this: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself. What does that mean? It means that you should treat other people as you would want to be treated and love them even when it might be hard or not particularly something you want to do. You’ll go find a neighbor (probably one you think might most need the help) and go offer your help and assistance. Then you will provide whatever help they need or figure out how to get it to them.

Whatever you need to help out.


  1. Pick your neighbor to help
  2. Tell your C.O. about your mission and who you are going to go help out.
  3. Go talk to your neighbor being very polite and ask if there are jobs around the house that you can help them with. If they say they don’t need any help, maybe mention some of the skills you have and things you could do. As you have gone through some missions you have developed some skills, can you apply those to help your neighbor? If they say they don’t need any help with anything tell them that if they ever need your help to just ask and then return home and think about something you could make them, like some cookies, a letter opener or something else.
  4. Think about your experience helping out and how it made you feel. Share your experience with your friends and family. We’d love to hear about your mission as well in the comments below

This is your mission, if you would like your C.O. to come with you when you go offer your help that is fine, but you need to be the one offering assistance. Your C.O. is just there to keep an eye on you.


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