Operation Timbuktu: Navigate to a Fixed Way Point

Operation Timbuktu Mission DownloadWelcome. This the first of our 45 daily missions to Manhood. If you’ve ever been driving home on the last turn to your house and your son asks you how far until we get home then this will really resonate. We highly recommend the boy friendly mission documents to give to your kid as they should have all the information needed to complete the mission in an easy printable format. If you’d like to get these for all of our 45 missions please sign up. 

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Download the boy friendly mission briefing document in .PDF here

Parental Guidance

Our urge as parents is strong to “protect” our kids and help them succeed but in this case I think we can help them more by letting them succeed or even fail all on their own. There’s no real downside to failure with these missions, unless they navigate you into a bridge abutment and you follow their directions. Have fun with it, let them feel some empowerment and independence and maybe even a little frustration along the way. That’s okay, life can be and is frustrating at times. Navigating life takes work, as does navigating to an ice cream shop.

Operation Timbuktu

MISSION BRIEF: Your mission is to successfully navigate your CO’s (parental unit) vehicle to a location of your mutual choosing and the return trip to command HQ. This location should be outside the scope of your normal daily travels such as a restaurant, army surplus store, break dancing academy or the like. Technology can only be utilized for the research portion of the trip.

Parents Only
I would highly suggest this be a fun place that is outside your normal routines. Maybe a cool restaurant, to see a movie or a store they’ve always wanted to go to. And unless the situation is really dire, you should follow their navigation.
EQUIPMENT: Mission notebook, pen or pencil, maps or Internet access for mission preparation.

kids navigate to a storeMISSION DETAILS: Negotiate with your CO to determine your destination. Once you have determined your way point you need to determine your course from your command HQ (home). Your CO will not be providing any navigation information they will only be piloting your vehicle based on your directions. Some things to consider and write down in your mission notebook:

  • The address of your command HQ
  • What are the names of streets, highways and freeways you may need to travel on your journey?
  • The address of the location
  • What are the names of streets, highways and freeways you may need to travel on your journey?
  • What are the turns and distance of each leg of your navigation.
  • An overview map of your route
  • The ETD (estimated time to destination), remember to take into account traffic and other challenges

For researching your route you might find http://google.com/maps very helpful for planning your trip.

MISSION PARAMETERS: You are the assigned navigator and your CO is only participating as your driver. You need to brief your driver on the planned route and provide constant updates once your trip has begun. Constant feedback such as turn left in 2 miles on Easy Street is going to be important. Giving the driver plenty of notice for an upcoming change is key to a successful trip. In the event of a wrong turn or route problem you will need to adjust the course and provide guidance to the driver.

Your only navigation tools available to you once the trip has begun will be your mission notebook.


After Action Report

Did you complete Operation Timbuktu? We’d love to hear how it went. Challenges, successes, pictures. If you enjoyed this please share with your friends!

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