Operation Gas Pumper – How to Pump Gas

boy pumping gas

Photo Courtesy Joe Goldberg

Pumping gas is something that most everyone will eventually have to do, why not get those boys going early so you can relax in the comfort of your vehicle. It also will make them feel pretty darn important. It’s up to you at what age you feel that it would be appropriate to start this process, we started at about age 9.

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Operation Gas Pumper – How to Pump Gas

Keeping your vehicle operational and ready to roll is a key component of your journey to being men.  In this mission you’ll fuel your squad’s vehicle and do a spot safety check to make sure your rig is ready to rock and roll.

Your C.O.’s payment source.

Your C.O. will maneuver your vehicle with in reach of a gas fueling pump. You’ll need to ask your C.O. how you will pay for the gas. Also you need to confirm what type of fuel your vehicle uses. Your choices are: Diesel, Unleaded, Unleaded Mid-Grade, Unleaded Premium or E-85 Ethanol usually. Now hop out and get to work! If you happen to live in Oregon or New Jersey then you are going to have just skip to step 7.

  1. Pre-Pay If it’s with a credit card or debit card you’ll need to know some information in most cases to make this work. For a credit card you’ll probably need to know the billing Zip code and for a debit card you’ll need to know the PIN code. Follow the prompts on the gas pump to get your payment going. If you are paying in good old cash you’ll need to head on in to the station and pre-pay, make note of the pump # which should be clearly printed at the top of the pump. You’ll have to pick which type of gas you are going to use which is usually a button that is clearly labeled.
  2. gas_cap_removal

  3. Open up your gas door on your car or truck and remove the gas cap. You’ll have to twist it counter-clockwise or to the left to remove. Usually there is a slot on the gas door where you can set the gas cap to keep it out of the way.
  4. Remove the gas nozzle from the pump, and in some cases you’ll need to flip up the lever that the nozzle was resting on. I use the end of the gas nozzle to do that so I don’t get gas on my hand. Put the nozzle firmly into the gas tank of the vehicle.
  5. Lift the handle of the gas pump fully to start the gas pumping. Usually there is a tab or hook that you can engage to keep the pump running without having to hold the handle down.
  6. gas_nozzle_lever

  7. The gas pump will stop when it gets full or if you’ve hit your limit of money that you put down as pre payment. Wait about 3 seconds then carefully remove the nozzle being careful not to drip any gas on yourself and put it back in the gas pump. If you had to move up a lever before pumping the gas you might have to push it back down to get the nozzle back in place.
  8. Put the gas cap back on your tank. It is important that you turn it all the way to the right clockwise until you hear about 3 clicks to be sure it’s sealed.
  9. low_tire

  10. Now do a quick walk around the vehicle to check the tires. They should have enough pressure so that they don’t look like they are flattening out, see example picture. If they are low, have your C.O. pull the vehicle over to the tire inflation station and put some air in the tire. You might require outside assistance here.
  11. Do a general check on the lights to see if any are cracked. You can also have your C.O. do a light test while you verify the brake lights, turn signals and headlights are all working.
  12. We’ll cover checking the oil and vital fluids in a later mission but something you can add to your safety check.
  13. You’re all done! Now your Mom should never have to pump her own gas ever again!

Be safe when pumping gas, you should touch the side of your vehicle when getting out to go pump the gas. This will ground you keeping any form of static electricity from setting off the gasonline vapors. Try not to get gas on your hands, it takes a lot of scrubbing to get the smell off.