The Importance of the Pocket Knife

Swiss Army Knife Illustrated Usage

I have always carried a pocket knife since I was a boy. My dad always had one on him at all times as well. It’s just what you did. It isn’t for protection, although it could provide that. It isn’t to be manly, although it definitely could be. It’s because it’s an immensely useful tool that you’ll find a use for over and over again. You’ll find that not only is it useful to you but those around you. Quickly people will come to realize that you have your knife on you and ask you to help them out. You become that guy, the one that is helpful, resourceful, who gets things done. That sentiment will take you places.

Parents Only
Parents if you only choose one thing to do with your kids from Journey to Men, get them a pocket knife and let them use it. You are telling your boys that you trust them and they’ll feel immeasurable pride in their amazing tool. The Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife is the model I highly recommend. It’s well made and has a variety of tools useful for so many things.

My first knife was a Victorinox Swiss Army Explorer similar to the Huntsman but had a magnifying glass instead of a saw. The magnifying glass was not terribly useful other than to burn ants on a hot day (don’t burn ants kids). I vividly remember that knife and wish I had it to this day. I’ve had many knives over the years but none have made the impact on my self-esteem and sense of self like that red-coated beauty.

Pocket Knife Safety

You can figure it out, it’s a knife, it’s sharp it cuts things and it doesn’t care what it is: wood, sausages, your thumb.  When cutting always hold the knife with a firm grip and cut away from your body. If you are holding a piece of wood to sharpen it make sure that your non-knife holding hand is not in the path of the blade. Also be very careful that you are not performing some cutting activity that may cause the blade to fold over on your hand. I got a bad cut as a boy doing just that, treat your knife with the respect it deserves. With the Huntsman, the small blade is best for whittling because it will give you a lot more control and help keep your fingers safe.

Caring for Your Pocket Knife

Your Swiss Army Knife is made out of stainless steel which means it doesn’t rust easily but you need to be sure and clean your blades after use. It doesn’t do any good to have your pocket knife on you at all times if it’s dirty and not ready for use. You can use a wet paper towel or rag to clean it, or some simple green if you’ve got some tape residue on there. Just be sure to use a dry rag at the end to get all the moisture off of it.

Sharpening Your Pocket Knife

Knives are generally safer when they are sharp and definitely more useful. Sharpening can be tricky business, in order to get the best results you need to sharpen your blades on a whetstone at about 20 degrees. Truthfully it’s difficult to get it right and you can easily make your knife duller. The Smith’s Pocket Pal Sharpener is a great little inexpensive sharpener to keep your pocket knife at peak condition. You simply pull your knife through the correct groove about 5 times and you should be back in business.

Man Points for Every Day Carry

During our 25 Missions to Manhood, your C.O. may perform spot checks to verify if you are carrying your knife. Have it on you at the right time and you can earn an extra 100 Man Points. Excellent.