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Journey to Men was started for one mission. To get my kids off video games and whatever screen they could find and get out of the house to explore their world, make some mistakes and learn to be resourceful. Instead of them waiting for someone to entertain them I want them to be self starters that make things happen and have fun doing it.  You can view a sample mission I am calling Operation Timbuktu, challenging your kids to navigate your car to a destination.

Missions Overview

Each of the 25 missions are standalone and can be completed in almost any order. Missions vary in their focus, locale and time duration. For instance, Operation Penny Pinch involves saving up money for a timeframe and may not require a lot of time in one day. Other missions like the MacGyver Challenge might take them the whole day to complete. Some of the missions are outdoors while some are more indoor related. The benefit is that you can choose which mission is appropriate for the timeframe, location and level of business in your squad. Many of the missions work just as well on vacation or traveling as they do being at home. By all means include friends, family, and neighbors in the missions.

Resources Needed

For a complete list of items needed to complete all of our missions please head over to our resource page. You may have many of the items laying around the house but a small amount of capital will get you all you need for the 25 missions which will pay huge dividends for the future. Each mission will also call out specifically what’s needed to get your kid headed in the right direction.

Man Points

Each of the missions on Journey to Men allows your boys to earn “Man Points.” It’s really an arbitrary way to reward them for their journey. At the end of the missions if they have enough man points they should get some form of unique reward or prize we like to call it the Celebration of Man. For instance a fixed blade knife with their name engraved on it. This can be awarded at the end of the missions ceremony. It’s important that you as their C.O. keep track of their points, but fundamentally that should be their job as they go. Again the responsibility is theirs.

Mission Debrief

This is the fun part. We provide in the book a complete debrief on each mission that will include some practical experience of the author’s boys as they worked through the missions. The hope is that you would provide feedback too as your own kids work through the missions. We’re really trying to build an interactive community so visit, get involved on our Facebook page. Send us an email. Or follow and and interact with us on Instagram @journeytomen and share mission photos with hashtag #journeytomen. Whatever works for you, we’d really love to hear your feedback

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  1. Is there a way I can find out what the total number of points would be at summers end?
    I want my boys to choose their top prize, then a runner-up and so on.
    I will reward them based on total number of points. This will really motivate them to try their best.
    If you have an estimate please let me know. Otherwise I will probably white out the points on each PDF and assign my own.
    The life lesson here would be work hard towards a common goal and achieve your dreams. 🙂
    This is an awesome idea. Love it.
    PS – After reading your mission web page it seems you are either current or ex-military. Either way, thank you for your service. I never take for granted a day that I am free. God Bless

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      Hi Joe, so My target for points was to have all the 45 missions come out to 60,000 if they got absolutely everything including some extra credit. 50,000 would be qualifying. I don’t have everything completed yet so it might be slightly dynamic for the 45 mission. I’m with you 100% on the goal. Thanks for your kind comments, it’s great validation. No I’m not military, but I too am a huge supporter. I just happen to love military history and thought it would be a great way to setup the program.

  2. Such a cool idea! Since I only have daughters, and in have a feeling that everything here is going to be one of those skills EVERYONE should have, I’m going to set them to task with each mission!

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      Awesome Gary. Yes these missions should definitely be useful for girls and boys although my primary audience is my two boys and so the missions are geared towards drawing them in.

  3. Hey Paul. I’m in. This is something I’ve wanted to do myself and I’m glad you have already thought of it.

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  6. I, like another guy here has a daughter but I think some things will be good for her. Get her off the video games so any help would be good. 🙂

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      Absolutely Rich, most of these missions are universal, just written in a method catering to boys. My daughter is 9 months old so she’ll get a version someday :-).

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