Missions 4-25

If you have enjoyed the first 3 missions in Journey to Men you’ll find the additional 22 in our book. Missions vary in their focus, locale and time duration.  For instance, Operation Penny Pinch involves saving up money over time and may not require a lot of time on the day you assign the mission.  Other missions like the MacGyver Challenge might take them the whole day to complete. Some missions are outdoors while some are more indoor related. The benefit is that you can choose which mission is appropriate for the timeframe, location and level of busyness in your squad.  Most missions work just as well on vacation as they do at headquarters. By all means include friends, family, and neighbors in the activities. 

The 25 Missions to Manhood:

  • Operation Timbuktu: Navigate a Mechanized Vehicle to a Fixed Way Point
  • Operation Metaknife: Learn Knife Skills and Whittle a Letter Opener
  • Operation Good Neighbor: Help Out a Neighbor in Need
  • Operation Inferno: Build and Start a Fire
  • Operation Packmule: Ready Your Gear for Travel and Load Vehicle
  • Operation Pennypinch: Saving for a Big Ticket Item
  • Operation Rise and Shine: Prepare Breakfast for Your Squad
  • Operation Brokenspoke: Overhaul and Maintain Your Bicycle
  • Operation Gas Pumper: Fuel the Squad Transport
  • Operation Kickstart: Start a Kid Small Business
  • Operation Condor: Build a Birdhouse
  • Operation Cleansweep: Ready and Clean Your Living Quarters
  • Operation Knot My Job: Knot Tying in the Heat of Battle
  • Operation Avocation: Research and Develop a New Hobby
  • Operation Perseverance: Design and Keep a Physical Fitness Goal
  • Operation Wheels on the Bus: Utilize Public Transport to Reach a Destination
  • The Macgyver Challenge: Save the Village from Noxious Gas Ants
  • Operation Falling Water: Build a Water Balloon Launcher
  • Operation Correspondence: Write a Letter to a Relative
  • Operation Foxhole: Dig a Fighting Hole to Survive a Frontal Assault
  • Operation Time Crisis: Manage Your Teams Schedule and Save the Town
  • Operation Safe House: Build an Emergency Shelter
  • Operation Blowout: Replace a Tire on a Mechanized Vehicle
  • Operation Bugout: Embark on an Overnight Outdoor Deployment
  • Operation Skidmark: Perform Laundry Operations