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Here you’ll find a constantly updated list of resources that will most likely be needed to complete the 45 missions.  By no means are we advocating that you need to purchase everything as you may have them already or that you need to buy them through here (we do get a little commission when you purchase through our links which helps pay for this site.)  But this should be an immensely useful list all in one place regardless of which missions your boy attempts this summer, he’ll have a wealth of resources for most anywhere his imagination takes him.

If you are just looking for a direct link to what you need for each mission we’ve created Amazon Lists for each to make this all the easier otherwise you can see the various items below and why they are important. Not everything needed for a mission is available on Amazon so you’ll still want to check the mission’s equipment requirements.


      • Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife If you buy one thing only on this list, this should be it. I am a strong believer that a boy should have a pocket knife on him at all times. Age appropriate of course and that’s up to you, but I started my boys at age 8. This is a great knife and a quick spot check by you throughout the summer should net them 100 man points for having it in their pocket.
      • Crosman 760 Pumpmaster You may need to search the site for the 760 Pumpmaster. It’s a very economical BB gun that they’ve made for a loooong time, with simple iron sites.
      • 3M Safety Glasses
        Saftey glasses are very important for a variety of our missions.
      • Moleskine Journel(Set of 3),Squared a notebook is critical to their missions for documenting, designing, drawing. You can use most any, but these Moleskin’s are awesome, they can draw on the cover and squared is key so it makes them easy to draw their projects and designs.
      • Stanley 6-Inch MaxSteel Adjustable WrenchYou might know this also as a “Crescent Wrench”, Crescent being a brand of adjustable wrench.
      • Stanley 10-Inch MaxSteel Adjustable WrenchAnother adjustable wrench? Yes this is a bigger one and often needed to work on things like bike wheels that require two wrenches.
      • Multi Function Bike Multitool This is a good inexpensive bike tool set that would be perfect to be kept on the bike at all times.

Building Materials

      • 12yd Black Gorilla Duct Tape This is simply the best duct tape of all times. It’s incredibly strong and is vital for most any boy job, and many of our missions. Use cheap duct tape at your own peril.
      • Cedar 1×6 Fence Boards quantity 4. Pick these up at your local lumberyard or home improvement store.

Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies

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  1. John Corrigan

    Hi Paul… Thanks for putting this together, looks really cool! Something that I’ve been thinking about for Joshua. Looking forward to the adventure!

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