Operation Correspondence: Write a Letter to Grandma

Letter writing is a skill that is severely waning in popularity, but honestly other than a personal visit a hand written letter is a wonderful thing. Letter writing for boys might seem like a form of torture but when they see the impact that it has on their loved ones, I think they’ll change their mind. So what’s manly about writing a letter? Caring for people you love is extremely manly and a hand written note or letter will help them know they are loved. You bet that’s manly.

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Operation Correspondence: Write a Letter to Grandma or a Family Member

If you can’t be with your beloved Grandmother in person few things will mean as much as a hand written letter from one of her favorite people in the world, you. In this mission you’ll write a properly formatted letter and send it to someone you love.

Stationary for the letter, pen, envelope, stamp

boys letter writing templateMISSION DETAILS:
We are not going to get hung up on all the details and format of a proper letter, your Aunt isn’t going to care about that any ways, but the content is something to think about. So lets tackle this letter in parts.

  1. Get your materials together
    A piece of notebook paper just isn’t going to cut it for this, at the very least get a new piece of paper from your printer, even better some nice stationary designed just for sending notes and letters. You know something with some adorable cats playing with string or some sad clowns. You also need a pen. This is big boy stuff here, no crayons, markers or pencils, you’re writing a letter dang it.
  2. Date
    Put the day you’re writing the letter up in the left corner like this:
    July 24, 2014
  3. The Greeting or Salutation
    This is where you open your letter, Dear Grandpa, or Dear Beloved Aunt, are good examples. Don’t use Hello or Hi as your salutation, we’re going to up our game a bit here, this isn’t an email.
  4. Letter Body
    Now it’s up to you to write something interesting to your loved one. You could start with what’s going on in your life. Sports or activities you’re doing. Maybe how you’re doing with your Journey to Men missions.

    You could also thank this relative for the impact they’ve had on your life. “I just wanted to thank you for always coming to my break dancing recitals. It makes me feel good that you care so much about me to be there.” Maybe they got you a cool gift for your birthday, or taught you something useful.

    Ask them some questions about how they are doing. You might get a letter in return answering your questions.

  5. Closing
    Something like: Love, or Sincerely, and then sign your name below that.
  6. Address the Envelope and Send it!
    You put your address on the top left of your envelope and right in the middle you put who you’re sending the letter to with their name and the address below that. Slap an appropriate stamp on there and get it in the mail!

Don’t you dare type this out on the computer! This is to be hand written. If you mess up and need to cross some things out, you’ll be better off to just copy the letter on a new piece of paper. Odds are good your loved one is going to save this letter, so you want it to look good. See below for an example letter, don’t copy my letter!